Afrika Bambaataa – Master of Records Open Archive (Gallery Exhibit NYC)


When news broke that Afrika Bambaataa was donating his record collection to Cornell University, the beat-digging world was immediately immersed in discussion / frothing at the mouth. As the recognized Godfather of Hip-Hop and Electro, Bambaataa’s collection was often speculated on by diggers who could only imagine the depths of it’s funkiness and obscurity. And now thanks to Bambaataa’s donation and the Gavin Brown Gallery’s “Master of Records Open Archive,” diggers need not imagine anymore. Andrew Mason over at Wax Poetics took a trip down to the archives and snapped a few choice flicks.

What’s most interesting from a digger / record collector perspective isn’t their rarity (although that Afrobeat/funk crate looks mighty fine) but rather the fact that these records, however beaten up and damaged, represent the foundation of a culture. Hip-Hop has since found it’s way into our everyday lives but before our modern moguls & name brands (ie: Jay-Z, Young Money, Beats by Dre), it was all about these pieces of music. DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist dug into the depths of this collection and are currently touring a Bambaataa-centric Duo DJ set. More on that soon…

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