A Moment with: The O’Mys [Interview]

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Since forming in 2008, the 7-man Soul / Hip-Hop wrecking crew The O’My’s have quietly put together an unusually long streak of quality releases, features and performances, most prominently with rising star Chance the Rapper and his group the Social Experiment. Calling themselves the ‘new sound of Chicago Soul,’ the band set a high bar for themselves, one which they consistently meet and raise with their tireless work ethic, sold-out shows, and high profile collaborations.

Drawing from Chicago’s rich musical traditions of Blues, Jazz and Rock, what one notices almost immediately upon listening to their music is that voice. At all times otherworldly and mesmerizing, this set of pipes that moves between sweet falsettos and carnal howls belongs to lead singer, guitarist, and co-founder of The O’My’s, Maceo Haymes.

In preparation for the release of their next project Keeping the Faith, a Psychedelic Soul record slated for release late Fall of 2014, GLM sat down with Haymes and keyboardist / co-founder Nick Hennessey to discuss who they are, where they’ve been and where they’re heading.

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GLM: How’s it going fellas? Who are you and how did you get here?

Maceo Haymes: Terrible.

Nick Hennessy: Very, very ok.

M: We are The O’My’s, we’ve always been here. We’re from Chicago (laughs)

N: My name is Nick Hennessy and I didn’t have to go anywhere because you guys came here to interview us! So we’re in our backyard.

GLM: Why do you create?

M: Oh wow, umm… I create because It makes me feel good and I can ideally live off of it.

N: Yeah, I just like making music. I’ve always liked making music, so I decided to start making my own music instead of playing other peoples music. That was more fun than playing other peoples music so I kept doing that. Me + Maceo got up and started doing it and 6 years later we’re still doing it.

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GLM: Describe your experience in the industry thus far?

N: Ohhh man.

M: Our experience in the industry has been… We’ve seen or been through a lot of different levels of the industry. We’ve played tons of small shitty shows and tons of big dope show, and big shitty shows. We’ve just been figuring out how to build our sound. It’s growing into a cohesive sound, where we want to be at. It’s about figuring that out and then everything that accompanies that outside of just the music, what we want to be representing ourselves as.

GLM: What would you say is your favorite performance thus far if you could pick one?

M: I can’t, they’re all amazing.

GLM: Which one can you remember might be a better question (laughs)?

M: I can’t, they’re all amazing (laughs)

GLM: Favorite venue to perform at in Chicago and why?

M: My favorite venue to perform at in Chicago is the Metro because the 1st big concerts I went to as a child were there. One of those sorts of staples in the city, they treat us good, the sound is great. They got great chicken across the street for a good price.

N: Really good Greek spot.

M: They have everything.

GLM: Same for you (Nick)?

N: Yeah, it’s like $4.59 for…

M: (laughs)

N: (laughs) … for 2 chicken legs and it comes with…

M: Rice!

N: Rice! And fries AND a side salad so yeah, that’s pretty impressive. You have to keep that.

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GLM: How have you worked with us in the past?

M: We’ve worked with GLM through Dre Day, our 1st experience.

GLM: How did that go?

M: The event for Dre Day was jolly. Everyone was having great time.

N: It was. It was a feel good experience.

M: Great experience for Hip Hop heads that love Dr. Dre.

N: And it was cold outside so people were really happy to be somewhere where there was pretty girls and stuff like that.

M: And cool dudes.

N: I was really, really tired. Really, really, really tired

GLM: That was the night after your 1st Metro show?

N: Yeah that was the night after our 1st Metro show. I pulled it together just in time for our 10 o’clock performance.

M: Playing off of pure will… and life force from GOD!

M: And Dre himself!

N: AND Dre himself. The Beats sent me the power.

GLM: Anyone you want to shout out before we wrap up?

M: I would like to shout out my mom and God.

N: Shout outs to my family + Dr. Dre.


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