CTA (Chicago Turntablist Authority) Goes To London: The Prequel

CTA (Chicago Turntablist Authority) Goes To London (The Prequel) 2

On a European trip in a true Griswolds fashion (at least that’s how’s we’re imagining it), The Chicago Turntablist Authority (aka CTA) are on the verge of their City / Country repping performance at the DMC 2014 World Championships in London. Comprised of DJ Ambideckstriks, DJ Toltech, and RTST,  as individuals they’ve won numerous turntablist/ DJ battles and this year finally assembled, or as we say at GLM, ‘voltroned’ into a super group.

After the success of their fundraiser way back in September, the guys spent the past few weeks developing, practicing, and perfecting their routines. RTST has been documenting their progress and London travels via Instagram. Check out a few choice flicks below and if you love ‘merica, why not donate to their travel fund or cop a tee? Overseas tickets aren’t cheap. Go Team USA!

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