Party Supplies- The Light in The Addict feat. Action Bronson and Black Atlass (Sonos Exclusive) [New Music]

Well it’s as if the heavens looked down and decided to send us a new gem from producer Party Supplies and emcee, chef, and all around dope human Action Bronson.  Black Atlass pops in on the back end to handle closing out this collaborative effort adding a little extra to an already fantastically delivered piece of music.  Hearing Action croon on the hook should put a smile to everyones face.  If it doesn’t…then nothing can be done for you.  This bluesy number speaks volumes to the work the two artists have done together in the past.  Party Supplies and Action Bronson have a great catalog together already, and this track being released gives us hope for future collaborations.  If you are looking for past work between Party Supplies and Action Bronson check out Blue Chips and Blue Chips 2.

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