Jay Electronica- Into The Light [Trailer] Dir. by Jason Goldwatch

He cometh and ye shall be saved!  Or at least you will really like this trailer and hope that there is an ACTUAL project being made around it.  The myth of this man is massive.  He walks amongst the greats of Hip Hop and hasn’t ever dropped an official project.  Jay Electronica touched down in Chicago for the AAHH! Fest this past summer and made us all hope a little bit more for the future of the rap game.  He’s been cosigned by all.  He is a traveler who one minute is dropping a new verse, then he’s having a kid with Erykah Badu, and then we blink and he’s seen with some British heiress.  He’s the Woody Guthrie of our time.

But will we ever actually get to see the documentary behind this trailer from director Jason Goldwatch?  It’s too early to tell.  But like Jay has moved through hip hop, I’m sure he will do things the same way with this doc.  So don’t get your hopes up…if you can help it. Oh and by the way Jay is heading out on the road with Common for the Nobody is Smiling tour at the end of November. #LetTheMythBuild

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