Swarvy – Kittylitter (on Feelin’ Music) [New Music]

Live and direct from the City of Brotherly Love, Philly beat-meister Swarvy unleashed his debut LP Scotch with it’s lead single “Kittylitter” on Feelin’ Music. And I couldn’t be happier. A large part of my record collection is devoted to the mid-70s, post-Headhunters Jazz Fusion explosion. There’s a sweet spot between say 1974 and 1977 where Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Rock became one. Major Jazz imprints like Prestige, Black Jazz, & Blue Note all churned out full lengths to capitalize, all with varying degrees of awesomeness. And it’s at this crossroads where Swarvy lives and breathes. 

Channeling groups like Catalyst and Marc Moulin’s fusion powerhouse Placebo, Scotch is sample free yet could easily be the complete opposite. Working with 2 live musicians the album treads a fine line between analog & digital sounds. Fans of Mophono take note, the drums are powerful with this one. Available as a download or limited pressing vinyl copy, with exclusive remixes by MNDSGN (Stonesthrow) & Devonwho. Peep the premiere above via MOOVMNT.

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