Qari [Carl] – BETA [New Music]

Qari aka Carl of Hurt Everybody drops the 3 track EP BETA today, a little appetizer platter before his full length BETA drops in the new year. It has been a prolific year for this trio of MC’s/spiritual warriors, both collectively and individually, with seemingly a new unique release almost every week. Excited greatly by the sounds and words we find here, as Qari brings us to a realm of contemplation/meditation. Make Monday perfect.

DJ Newlife – Brasil Vinyl Mix b/w CumbiaSazo [New Music]

As one of the CumbiaSazo co-presenters, FEx has been going strong with their own successful monthly Global Bass party for years now as well. Event co-founder & selector DJ Newlife dropped this all vinyl mix over the holiday and it’s the perfect aural soundscape to prep your ears for tonight’s main event… Continue reading “DJ Newlife – Brasil Vinyl Mix b/w CumbiaSazo [New Music]” »

Shintendo64 – 64 Wonders [New Music]

Chicago MC Shintendo64 serves up his latest project, the aptly titled [64 Wonders]. 13 tracks deep, the album is a nice blend of instrumental tracks as well as songs featuring flows from his crew The Terra Godz, synthesizing the emotions of, “serenity…anguish…and wrath.” For those who like animé, Hip Hop, video games and weed, this is 100% your love rhombus. Part 1 of a trilogy, keep your ears to the ground for more. We know we are.

Tree & Chris Crack – tree + crack [New Music]

May of this year, Chicago MC’s Tree and Chris Crack linked up and delivered us the most excellent EP TreeSwag. Just in time for the holiday season, the two have ambushed us with ANOTHER collaborative effort, tree & crack. Featuring production by Tree and NDC’s Cutta and Timothy Turtle, a perfect late “stocking stuffer” (there are 12 days of Christmas after all no?). Roll up and hit play on the video for “Chicken Pocks,” then peep the rest of the project below. Looking forward to more from both of these righteous dudes in 2015.

James Murphy – Remixes Made With Tennis Data [New Music]

Can say with a fair amount of certainty that this may be one of the more unique projects I’ve come across this year and with only 12 days left to boot. But here we are- James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem fame teaming up with IBM to create a 12 track album combining algorithms and raw data from U.S. Open Tennis matches. To learn more about the process of how they went about making it, see the video above. Otherwise, press play!

M&O – Hey Ya (Outkast Cover) [New Music]

For myself personally, I have one rule when it comes to groups/artists covering other people’s music: Break your foot off in that ass or don’t do it at all. Today, Chicago soul group M&O (formerly Milo & Otis) hit us with a cover of the Outkast classic “Hey Ya,” and they do NOT disappoint. A staple of their live shows, the duo hit us off with a beautiful in-studio performance. Come get lost.

Meridian Brothers – Doctor Trompeta b/w CumbiaSazo [New Video]

In the lead-up to CumbiaSazo, let’s delve into one of the many musical ‘flavors’ coming out of Latin America currently. You’d be forgiven for not knowing the Bogota-based band Meridian Brothers. They inhabit a micro-niche of oddball, experimental music which focuses on traditional styles, and only recently has their reach extended beyond the grasps of the Colombian avant-garde. Earlier this month they released the accompanying visuals for their song “Doctor Trompeta” featuring work from Alpaca Animations. The inherent strangeness of the song coupled with the at time mind-bending retro visuals make for a perfect dose of Psychedelic Commodore64 Cumbia. Or Pixelated Zappa Exotica. I could keep going but hopefully you’ve already clicked the video for the real deal.

Also, the Alpaca Animation crew put together a post over at explaining their inspirations for the Doctor Trompeta project. 80s video games, Fleet Foxes, and animated Jazz all played a role. Definitely worth the watching time for some a/v & design nerdery.  Continue reading “Meridian Brothers – Doctor Trompeta b/w CumbiaSazo [New Video]” »