MF Doom x Clarks Originals – Bookhead (Remix) [New Music]

Ever wanted to make a beat by sampling shoes? Does that question even make sense? In the world of MF Doom it not only makes sense, but also the end result is surprisingly good and is everything you’d expect from the Villain. Teaming up with Clarks Originals, Doom recorded and sampled the rhythmic sounds of the shoe-making machinery at Clarks HQ for a remix of his 2013 track “Bookhead.” The result could be called “Industrial Boom Bap” and knocks as heavy as the machines from which it was born. As well, he designed a limited custom run of Doom-branded Wallabees for the shoe collector in you. But really, the question we’re all wondering is if this is the real Doom? (I mean who isn’t?). Peep the mini-documentary below and decide for yourself. 

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