Meridian Brothers – Doctor Trompeta b/w CumbiaSazo [New Video]

In the lead-up to CumbiaSazo, let’s delve into one of the many musical ‘flavors’ coming out of Latin America currently. You’d be forgiven for not knowing the Bogota-based band Meridian Brothers. They inhabit a micro-niche of oddball, experimental music which focuses on traditional styles, and only recently has their reach extended beyond the grasps of the Colombian avant-garde. Earlier this month they released the accompanying visuals for their song “Doctor Trompeta” featuring work from Alpaca Animations. The inherent strangeness of the song coupled with the at time mind-bending retro visuals make for a perfect dose of Psychedelic Commodore64 Cumbia. Or Pixelated Zappa Exotica. I could keep going but hopefully you’ve already clicked the video for the real deal.

Also, the Alpaca Animation crew put together a post over at explaining their inspirations for the Doctor Trompeta project. 80s video games, Fleet Foxes, and animated Jazz all played a role. Definitely worth the watching time for some a/v & design nerdery. 

& Let’s not forget why we’re all here… CumbiaSazo! This once nomadic dance party has found a monthly home at Double Door, and for the December installment they’ve hometown-boy-done-good Jeremy Sole headlining. Also with Chicago’s own Altered Tapes, Esso Afrojam Funkbeat, Turbo Sonidero Futuristico, and a grip more. Peep the info below and some past event pics here. It’s a great time, you should be about it 🙂


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