Dead Battery – Recovery LP [New Music]

Of all the music I’ve listened to over the years, very few artists have the capability to make a song that’s more than a song. From his earlier Cut The Line EP and Misled single, this new bundle of tracks from DEAD BATTERY comes as a huge change from dubstep and DnB to a much more mellow and refreshing sound. In DEAD BATTERY’s new Recovery LP, every song is an experience, more than just a song to relax to. Listening to these songs gives a feel of breaching the surface of a pool of water after having dove under to look around. It’s a breath of air that calms the mind and soothes the bones. The story behind every track is almost begging to be researched to learn about the life-changing accident behind such moving music. Instead of letting this play in the background, I encourage anyone to take a moment and just listen to one of these tracks, and I’m sure you’ll be lost in recovery.

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