Vapor Eyes – Verano Tempura (Surprise Album!) [New Music]


Chicago producer Vapor Eyes dropped a surprise album Verano Tempura yesterday via Bandcamp and we’ve had it steady on repeat ever since. As a member of Young Heavy Souls & Push Beats, his soundscapes possess a strong boom-bap influence cut with a dose of frenetic Footwork sequencing. For this album he’s leaning more on the Footwork side and as he explains it, “After completing my last album Whispers I felt compelled to create another project with the intention of celebrating the short warm weather period we get here in the Midwest. This is my homage to summer. Fun, free-spirited, carefree.”

Have a listen below, and ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp. And then this Friday 7/31 witness the man in real life at Township (Chicago, IL) along with Altered Tapes and the Abstract Science DJs. And as a bonus for our readers, RSVP here for the hosted PBR bar 9-10pm & for FREE entry before 10pm (or discount entry after 10pm). See you there!

PYRMDPLAZA – Drowning [New Music]


Back with another enchanting dream trap beat, “Drowning” is the latest track from UK producer PYRMDPLAZA. It opens with a kalimba-like sound paving the way for transcending strings built around a grand assortment of easy-going percussion. Something that really makes up a sound that’s smooth yet unpredictable, like a leaf floating down to Earth in the fall. But when the vocals and hard bassline come in, it really contrasts the relaxing ambiance to ironically emphasize the feel of a chill trap song. The overall vibe is rejuvenating, something like kneeling by a river bank for a splash of fresh water on your face, just before laying back and napping on the grass in the shade of a tall tree. The gentle nudge from Isaac Hayes’ “A Few More Kisses To Go” makes for a nice touch in the outro too.

Red Bull Sound Select: Chicago 7/23. Ratking, Fat Tony, Antwon [New Event / Music]


Chicago! A triple threat, emerging Hip-Hop lineup is featured at this month’s Red Bull Sound Select. Curated by Empty Bottle Presents, and with performances by Ratking (NYC), Fat Tony (Houston), & Antwon (Bay Area) the show is essentially a sampling of the current US alternative Hip-Hop scene. Continue reading “Red Bull Sound Select: Chicago 7/23. Ratking, Fat Tony, Antwon [New Event / Music]” »

Valesco – Stay With Me [New Music]


After releasing his easygoing, 8-Bit-y trap song “All I Need“, Valesco is an electronic artist from Austria here to bless us with “Stay With Me“. This mellow tune had me hooked at the slow intro of electronic chimes with a strum of piano chords anchoring my dreamy mind from floating away. The introduction of drums only better compliment the sleepy vocal clips as everything eventually tapers off before dropping in a thick bass kick and accompanying synths. I’m honestly surprised he doesn’t have more followers, because if trap could be as relaxing as this, I know I can get addicted to this sound from Valesco. Free download here.

Ghostface Killah – King Of New York (Ft. Raekwon) [New Music]


“Pushing for the King of New York”, Ghostface is back — this time with Raekwon — to further the story of Lester Kane in the New York Mafia. In the middle of their Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Twentieth Anniversary Tour, the duo still manage to bring this single to their fans. Funky guitar chords touched with light xylophone keys and crisp old school hip-hop drums, this track makes for a relaxed break in the story woven through their words. Listeners best know not to mess with Les’ lest they be sought for and meet his power. Last minute tickets 4 their tour available here.

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – Return Of The Savage [New Music]


With the release of their new collaborative album, “Twelve Reasons To Die Part II“, Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge bring this new track to their audience. Reeking of a New York Mafia Vibe, “Return Of The Savage” is a track with an instrumental that feels like walking down a dark alley lined with dumpsters and a siren blaring in the distance, not knowing how you got there or how you’re going to escape. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon’s lyrics are accentuated by the operatic female vocals and bar fight piano weave the tale of a 1970s New York Mafia war between the DeLucas and Lester Kane.

Tuxedo – Without Your Love [New Music]


Let the trumpets sound! Currently touring the USA, Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One) recently released this once before Japan-only single via SoundCloud. The horn-heavy, 80s soul throwback, “Without Your Love” packs a shoulder-swaying rhythm perfect for your summer beach-side activities. Personally, I’ve had this song on repeat for the past two hours and the female vocals echoing the verses are going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, without a doubt.

theWHOevers – Bassment97 [New Music]


Back again for their seventh episode of their ongoing project; “MARATHON“, theWHOevers release “Bassment97” for the public. Ringing with influence from Da Bassment Cru (Timbaland, Missy, Ginuwine, Aaliyah, Playa, etc.), the Chicago duo bring a hypnotic beat of a double-tap piano chord with reminiscent samples from old school Timabaland. Every song in the marathon of music has brought promise of a new head-bobbing track, and each time, theWHOevers deliver their best. So turn up the headphones and lean back, because “up jumps da boogie”.


Mr FijiWiji – Aphasia [New Music]


Originating in Pittsburgh, Mr FijiWiji has always carried a reputation for his outstanding “space music”. After making his move to college and releasing his last EP, “Growing Up“, this new track, “Aphasia” — which can be defined as “loss of ability to understand or express speech” — is nothing short of an untroubled ambiance that renders someone unable to do much but listen. Opening with soothing rainwater, it sets a mood that meshes with his distinct skill of chopping up breathless vocals with just enough percussion to give it a head bobbing rhythm.  Perhaps making this song one to relish behind a window on a rainy day. I for one, would enjoy it on any day, relaxing with a good pair of headphones and just the serene touch Mr FijiWiji can almost always bestow.

Hi-Rez – Hunger [New Music]


With a mix-tape promised to drop at the end of this summer, Hi-Rez has still found time to give this gift to his fans. “Hunger” is a video with clips from past performances and music videos, evidence of years of battles fought to get to where he is now. With his life experience, he tells the story of who he’s become after all the pitfalls and potholes and demonstrates he’s still alive through the thick and thin to prove that “even through the darkness, there is light”. From this new release back to Hi-Rez‘s 2011 hit; “All I Have“, it’s clear he’s been “giving y’all [his] soul like the bottom of [his] sneakers”. Grab your free download here.