SPELLWRKS – Super Chill [New Music]


Just like the title implies, SPELLWRKS is here to deliver a new super-chill album aptly titled, “Super Chill“. This 23-song collection is a lot like a sample plate of beats that you can take your pick and listen to on repeat for hours. Although these tracks took me out of my comfort zone style-wise since they are far more akin to a hip-hop vibe than a pure chillout take, but they still satisfy the need within me for some relaxing tunes. Some tracks even sample older soul songs, and I particularly enjoyed “Old City”, despite its brevity. Overall, I have a new artist to add to my downloads.

Super Chill by SPELLWRKS

Red Bull Reign 3×3: Chicago + National Finals 8/22! [New Event]


Coming soon. Red Bull’s Reign 3 x 3 Basketball tournament blows into Chicago for the local qualifier as well as the national championship. These fast-paced games test a team’s endurance, skills, & teamwork, so even if you’ve never stepped foot on the court you’ll be sure to enjoy the show! Stakes are high for all 7 teams competing in the finals, as the national champion will also be given a spot in the FIBA 3 x 3 North American World Tour stop. If you’re in the Chicagoland area on 8/22/2015, make plans to be at Seward Park for the showdown! Continue reading “Red Bull Reign 3×3: Chicago + National Finals 8/22! [New Event]” »

Down With The King || Michael Jackson Bday Tribute! [New Event]


Do you like Michael Jackson? Who doesn’t? So why not join us at the Untitled Supper Club Saturday 8/22 for our “Down With The King” Michael Jackson birthday celebration? Founded by DJ Expo in Los Angeles, this annual get together makes it’s Chicago debut this year. Headlining the affair is William Kurk Enterprise, who’ll be performing live band tribute songs to the “King of Pop,” and MoM DJs Intel, Trew, and Johnny Walker will be spinning everything Jackson.

If you’re looking for original hits, covers, remixes, or even sampled tracks, then we’ll have it bumping in Untitled’s speakeasy atmosphere. We all love Michael, and with nearly fifty years of music from him and his family, this dance party will be full of classics. Doors open at 8pm, and remember to please observe the dress code: Dress to kill.

Klept – Loss EP [New Music]


With their very first release, Nashville artist Klept released “Loss“, a 7-track chillout EP. It’d be tough to argue these tracks aren’t very soothing to the mind, but what interests me more is the story behind them all. The song titles are obvious hints to something devastating that the artist is going through, but without much information, it becomes a mystery. I can’t help but put these songs on repeat and wonder what inspired such music. The vibe just chills the bones and gives me an urge to stargaze on a lonely hill or walk through a garden at midnight. It’s all just very beautiful music and hard to believe that this is the first release from this new artist. I recommend downloading this whole album here where you can name your price.

:DFace – Words [New Music]


:DFace comes back to us with his newest weekly banger; “Words“, a bipolar track bringing hints of multiple genres to the table. A jack-of-all-trades with elements of a trap banger, moombahton, and chillout, all with a heavy bassline as a foundation during the heavy drop. I particularly like how some parts of the song will dip out of way for a sudden silence before the beat comes back in a jump like a low rider in a car hopping contest. Free download here.

Ramzoid – Green EP [New Music]


Packed with a new three-song EP and ready for adventure, Ramzoid brings us “Green“; a chillout trap style akin to exploring the open world. At only seventeen years old, this Canadian producer dropped these swooning beats with a chillout vibe, yet backed with heavy drums for a head-grooving beat. “Everything” opens the mind with a slow intro and even-paced build before giving but a taste of what the EP has in store; and I love the consistent, airy drums going all-out in the background. “Grasslands” changes the focus with a more synth-heavy structure and tribal-like horn instrument whistling a tune to the skies above. “Tribe” concludes the trifecta with its 8bit-y style and hi-hat rolls to end your trip through the mind of this brilliant producer. I loved this whole EP and had to listen to more of Ramzoid‘s earlier tracks, as this artist is worth a gander. Get your free download to this amazing EP here.

Labisch – Rain [New Music]


It’s time to recline those armchairs and take a chill-pill with Labisch‘s new track, “Rain“. Coming from Wisconsin, this chillout producer has composed this masterpiece of relaxing ambiance. With faint piano chords as a foundation, the crisp snaps and eerie pipes make a ghostly tune for the rather melancholy lyrics. Having this track on repeat has left me with lidded eyes and cold running blood. You can catch the free download here.