Rise + Shine by LIE | Chicago Truborn X New Amsterdam Vodka


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Rise + Shine is more than just a wake up mantra. Deconstructed, the phrase itself alludes to a way of life… a way of looking at the world head on and declaring ownership of ones experience. While “bad things” certainly do happen to “good”/all people, what separates the dreamers from the achievers is the reaction to said happenings.

Rise + Shine is an homage to waking up every morning, persevering beyond adversity, and most of all, the dedication and commitment required to become a master of your craft; a master of yourself.

• Original artwork from LIE + Lady Lucx
• Meet and greet with LIE
• Limited edition signed prints
• Opportunities to create and take home your own piece of street art
• Chicago inspired appetizers
• Complimentary cocktails featuring New Amsterdam Spirits / Vodka

Netherfriends- TOUR4EVER EP [New Music]

Netherfriends, one of our favorite beatmaking nomads, has released his latest EP TOUR4EVER. Crafted over the summer of 2014 while he was living in Chicago, it features a wide spectrum of Chicago MC’s and vocalists who dropped by his attic lair to make magic. Simply put, this EP could melt all the snow and ice in the city if played on the right sound system. Can we make that happen?

Aesop Rock – Cat Food + Bug Zapper [New Music]

Aesop Rock drops off the joints “Cat Food” and “Bug Zapper” to stream as part of his collaboration with Kid Robot. Splitting production duties with long time cohort Blockhead, these songs were originally only available as a 7″ with the purchase of “Whiskers the Undead”, a figurine created by the MC and the toy company. More solid work to his already impressive catalogue, looking forward to more in the new year.

The Rub x Brian Coleman – Check The Technique 2 [New Mix]

The Rub x Brian Coleman – Check The Technique 2 [New Mix]

Whenever a new mix from The Rub drops, the GLM office’s Pavlov response kicks in and for the next 60 minutes nothing else matters. To proof this point further, as this mix played in the background it took me 10 minutes to write the intro sentence alone. It’s truly difficult to let anything else exist in your mind when Ayres and Eleven are running through decades of essential Hip-Hop albums / singles. Recorded as part of the promotion for Brian Coleman‘s follow up to his celebrated book “Check the Technique,” the DJs revisit each artist and album contained within it’s pages. And in a true Rub fashion they use every chance possible to work in original breaks and samples. I’m personally pleased to see Kwame made the cut, his early albums were generally overshadowed by his affinity for polka dots and his legacy is often relegated to the Biggie dis. Tune in via Mixcloud after the jump…

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Party Supplies- The Light in The Addict feat. Action Bronson and Black Atlass (Sonos Exclusive) [New Music]

Well it’s as if the heavens looked down and decided to send us a new gem from producer Party Supplies and emcee, chef, and all around dope human Action Bronson.  Black Atlass pops in on the back end to handle closing out this collaborative effort adding a little extra to an already fantastically delivered piece of music.  Hearing Action croon on the hook should put a smile to everyones face.  If it doesn’t…then nothing can be done for you.  This bluesy number speaks volumes to the work the two artists have done together in the past.  Party Supplies and Action Bronson have a great catalog together already, and this track being released gives us hope for future collaborations.  If you are looking for past work between Party Supplies and Action Bronson check out Blue Chips and Blue Chips 2.

Grown Kids Radio – Off The Beaten Tracks (New Music / Vinyl EP)

Off The Beaten Tracks is Grown Kids Radio’s limited edition vinyl EP representing the art and music of future classic culture. Featuring an eclectic roster of musicians and a custom record sleeve design by the world renowned Aaron De La Cruz, this carefully curated roster of artists is essentially a ‘who’s who’ in the future classic scene coming together to bring soul, funk, electronic and hip hop influences into today’s beat generation. The final 7-song tracklist includes artists like B.Bravo, Teeko, Ohmega Watts, E Da Boss, Mophono, Hawthorne Headhunters, Miles Bonny, and B.Lewis representing themselves either as solo artists or as one of their side projects (Starship Connection, The Halftone Society Rhythm Section, The Pendeltons).

Become a part this project now over at indiegogo.com. Our SF / Bay Area friends will want to take note of all the live events happening around this project’s campaign too. Join the experience up close and personal!

Renegades Of Rhythm: DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist vs The Breaks

Afrika Bambaataa‘s record collection recently found a new home at Cornell University and as we mentioned, they’re hitting the road via the deft turntablist skills of DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist. Tonight the crew brings their ‘Renegades of Rhythm’ vinyl / video performance to House of Blues Chicago for what’s certain to be both a history lesson and celebration of the music upon which Hip-Hop culture was born. As the video above indicates this set is all about the ‘original breaks,’ the songs that sometimes had only a few seconds of desirable material (the ‘break’), which was then looped over and over using two copies of the same record.
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Afrika Bambaataa – Master of Records Open Archive (Gallery Exhibit NYC)


When news broke that Afrika Bambaataa was donating his record collection to Cornell University, the beat-digging world was immediately immersed in discussion / frothing at the mouth. As the recognized Godfather of Hip-Hop and Electro, Bambaataa’s collection was often speculated on by diggers who could only imagine the depths of it’s funkiness and obscurity. And now thanks to Bambaataa’s donation and the Gavin Brown Gallery’s “Master of Records Open Archive,” diggers need not imagine anymore. Andrew Mason over at Wax Poetics took a trip down to the archives and snapped a few choice flicks.

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Numero Group x Duracha: Durham, NC Music Scene Exhibit


Occasionally the spoils of crate-digging venture beyond the tangible music. For Chicago-based reissue label Numero Group, this is a lesson they know all too well. During the pre-production stage of their Eccentric Soul Omnibus, photos and various press materials surfaced for the Durham, NC Funk band Duracha. These time capsule moments join many others in a new art gallery exhibit at the Museum of Durham History. For those not in the area, you can experience the exhibit online as well. P.S. People Under The Stairs gave Duracha a co-sign way back ’02! Peep the drum break after the jump…

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