Dr. Dre vs Mardi Gras. The Lowdown Brass Band headlines DRE DAY ’15!


A little taste of Mardi Gras gets added to the recipe for this Friday’s Dre Day Chicago concert. Each year a new ‘house band’ is featured and for 2015 it’s a nine-piece, horn-driven ensemble with strong roots in the New Orleans Second Line Tradition, the Lowdown Brass Band. Defining their sound is a myriad brass instruments including a sousaphone, trumpets, trombones, and saxophones that intertwine in a cacophony of tight lead lines, spontaneous call-and-response, and bombastic attacks. They take a page from the Jazz and Blues giants of the past, while combining modern Funk, Hip-Hop, Reggae into a unique new style. And this is exactly the reason why they’re perfect for Dre Day… 

Dr. Dre’s sound evolved heavily since his mid 80s debut with World Class Wrecking Cru & N.W.A., but even so he has always leaned heavily on samples & interpolations. Classic Soul, Funk, and Rock ‘breaks’ abound in N.W.A.’s Efil4zaggin, as well as in D.O.C.’s No One Can Do It Better. Dousing that aesthetic with some NOLA Jazz, Lowdown Brass Band will also bring with them a few of Chicago’s finest MCs including theWHOevers, Rapper Chicks, Second City Citizens, and Billa Camp.

The band has been steady rehearsing recently, peep the vids below for an early sample of SCC’s entry. And if you’re in the Chicago area discount presales are still available. Or try your luck and RSVP to win a pair of tickets.

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