Mpeach – Malania [New Video] + CumbiaSazo This Weekend!

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela Mpeach‘s experimental music is reflective of an emerging movement of artists influenced by their individual cultural roots as well as their Internet-Age existence. As a multidisciplinary performer her creations intersect musical and visual art, where each side exists symbiotically. She explains “I use visuals just like a musical instrument. They are created as part of the composition. They don’t necessarily have a particular storyline but are choreographed to the structure and rhythmical patterns of the songs.”

The accompanying video for the lead single from her upcoming debut album Malania (Dutty Artz, Summer 2015) is the perfect representation of this aesthetic. Hit that YouTube above and if your curiosity is piqued, drop an RSVP here for a chance to win tickets to see her in real life this Saturday at Double Door. Geko Jones (Que Bajo, NYC) & Precolumbian both co-headline the affair which is sure to be as sold-out as ever. If you’ve been sleeping on CumbiaSazo, now’s the time to make things right. More info here.




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