Indy invades CumbiaSazo! Sweet Poison Victim, K.Sabroso, + more! [New Event]

Indy invades CumbiaSazo! Sweet Poison Victim, K.Sabroso

The weather may still be making up it’s mind but one thing’s for certain, 4th Saturdays are the move for satiating your Tropical Bass & Cumbia cravings. This weekend it’s an Indianapolis takeover at CumbiaSazo! The live band Afrobeat / Highlife stylings of Sweet Poison Victim and the Global Bass flavors from K.Sabroso both top the bill of Indy artists. Also featuring the dancefloor-friendly turntable tactics of Shazam Bangles who leads the hometown squad. However, the list of artists goes on and on… These events are consistently chock full of talented individuals, performers, and creators and your world would be that much better having attended.

Get jump on things with this selection of tracks from Sweet Poison Victim’s latest release. & If you’re feeling lucky, head over to our RSVP page for a chance to win a pair of tix. OR play it safe an RSVP via do312 for 1/2 price door tickets. Either way, every one could use a little more Sazo in their lives… Make that move!


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