PYRMDPLAZA – Drowning [New Music]


Back with another enchanting dream trap beat, “Drowning” is the latest track from UK producer PYRMDPLAZA. It opens with a kalimba-like sound paving the way for transcending strings built around a grand assortment of easy-going percussion. Something that really makes up a sound that’s smooth yet unpredictable, like a leaf floating down to Earth in the fall. But when the vocals and hard bassline come in, it really contrasts the relaxing ambiance to ironically emphasize the feel of a chill trap song. The overall vibe is rejuvenating, something like kneeling by a river bank for a splash of fresh water on your face, just before laying back and napping on the grass in the shade of a tall tree. The gentle nudge from Isaac Hayes’ “A Few More Kisses To Go” makes for a nice touch in the outro too.

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