Ramzoid – Green EP [New Music]


Packed with a new three-song EP and ready for adventure, Ramzoid brings us “Green“; a chillout trap style akin to exploring the open world. At only seventeen years old, this Canadian producer dropped these swooning beats with a chillout vibe, yet backed with heavy drums for a head-grooving beat. “Everything” opens the mind with a slow intro and even-paced build before giving but a taste of what the EP has in store; and I love the consistent, airy drums going all-out in the background. “Grasslands” changes the focus with a more synth-heavy structure and tribal-like horn instrument whistling a tune to the skies above. “Tribe” concludes the trifecta with its 8bit-y style and hi-hat rolls to end your trip through the mind of this brilliant producer. I loved this whole EP and had to listen to more of Ramzoid‘s earlier tracks, as this artist is worth a gander. Get your free download to this amazing EP here.

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