Founded in 2006, Ground Lift Media is an experiential marketing + promotion company which targets and works within the many progressive, tastemaker niche demographics of contemporary urban culture. Our immersive campaigns are heavily conceptualized, marketed, and designed to rise above for a lasting impression.

Pulling in our 15+ years of expertise across three important sectors of the music & entertainment industries (journalism, events, publicity), we excel at working from the ground up as our company’s name implies. In a technical sense a ‘ground lift’ removes interference between connected devices.

Yes we are nerds but this idea rules our world and as the global community is increasingly intertwined, breaking through the chatter becomes job #1. Welcome to our world…

redbull_logoRed Bull Thre3style

@ Concord Music Hall. Chicago, IL
What began as a successful energy drink, Red Bull has since turned into a marketing & events force of nature. Among their many music brands lies Red Bull Thre3style. With a focus on turntablism and crowd-rocking skills, this global competition held it’s regionals at Concord Music Hall. Ground Lift Media’s digital & real world promotion campaigns provided a capacity crowd, and one of Chicago’s largest to date.

Complex / Fiat 500X: #MyDesignCity

@ Moonlight Studios. Chicago, IL
An automobile manufacturer with a forward-thinking design aesthetic, Fiat 500X teamed up with Complex Media for a day / night showcase over Pitchfork Festival weekend. The resulting event, #MyDesignCity, featured a lineup focused on local Chicago artists, designers, & craftspeople. Ground Lift Media led an email RSVP campaign which helped contribute to the event’s success at Moonlight Studios in West Town.

tlkkzqvqebwghiuaea1eRemy Martin Tasting

@ River North Arts Center. Chicago, IL
Known for it’s traditional distillation methods and extended aging processes, Remy Martin is internationally recognized as one of the oldest Champagne Cognac manufacturers. In conjunction with CFS Direct, Ground Lift Media led an email marketing & social media promotion campaign for Remy Martin which resulted in a 4-day sold out series of tastings at Chicago’s River North Arts Center.

shinolaShinola In-Store Programming

@ Wicker Park. Chicago, IL
Shinola is a luxury lifestyle brand that relies heavily on independent American manufacturers. Detroit-based, the company has revived a storied U.S. brand and in the process helped revitalize a city. For various holiday and retail promotional campaigns, Ground Lift Media provided music programming at their flagship Chicago retail outlet.

itpciqpepeclqoeqxql6Rick Edwards: Nike Retrospective

@ Silver Room. Chicago, IL
As part of the “Style Wars” event series, which paired athletic brands with up-and-coming artists, musicians & DJs, Rick Edwards’ retrospective exhibit was an interactive timeline displaying how Hip-Hop & Nike both influenced his work. The exhibit showcased Edwards’ design abilities and their roots in sneaker culture, how he grew within his own design company, Creatively Prosperous, and within his work at Nike & MKTG Agency.

delllounge#DellLounge: Windows 10 Pop-Up

@ Venue SIX10. Chicago, IL
To celebrate the launch of Windows 10, Dell and Microsoft hosted a #DellLounge in Chicago over Lollapalooza weekend. This 4-day pop-up activation brought the new Windows 10 features to life through interactive experiences, learning labs, and Virtual Reality experiences. The launch party was headlined by Grammy-nominated producer Morgan Page, and with Ground Lift’s marketing support the event series started off on the right foot.

lk511vz0fvbqski75xanBicycle Film Festival Event

@ Private Loft Location. Chicago, IL
Founded in 2001, The Bicycle Film Festival is an annual touring showcase which celebrates the bicycle through music, art and, of course, film. Working with BFF, Pabst, and Miller Brewing, Ground Lift Media co-produced the Festival’s official afterparty which featured the Milwaukee DJ duo The Glamour in a transformed River North Loft location.

oc3ect7xexwfmwonjpufThe Elder Tree Stage

@ West Fest. Chicago, IL
An independently established organization, The Elder Tree aims to transfer knowledge to youth, creating and inspiring the next generation of cultural pioneers through direct contact with educators and multimedia artists in an experiential learning environment. At West Fest Chicago, this mission was brought to life with a weekend series of seminars, dance performances, living murals, and music programming.